Mort Subite means 'Sudden Death' and all their range of beers have been illustrated with new packaging that symbolises the typical Brussels's spontaneity and joy of living, which are the virtues of the brand.
The beers take their name from a café in Brussels, À La Mort Subite ("sudden death" in French) can also be used to refer to the final throw in a dice game. Underground trading once took place within À La Mort Subite -
it was named after the speed at which one could lose one's money.
It is explained that the name was derived from the bar's location to the law court. In effect, lawyers & clerks would play cards during their lunch break and when the bell rang to resume proceedings, the hand held was subject to sudden death rules to ascertain the winner.
Mort Subite beers are all brewed in a small-scale brewery in Kobbegem (Belgium),
where the craftsman Art & Expertise combine.

Characterised by their use of wild yeasts that are naturally present in the air of the Senne Valley, which can lead to a process of spontaneous fermentation, the new original packaging goes back to the roots and history of Brussels.
Defining bottle and glass shapes before production:
Illustrations: Gouache.

Final products:
Photos: Courtesy of Alken Maes.
To be continued...
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