Fabergé x Harrods, London
Iconic Russian jewellers, Fabergé, teamed up with Harrods to celebrate Easter.
I have been asked to create six illustrations that will dress the infamous Brompton Road windows and facades with Fabergé thaumatropes, telling the legendary jewellery houses story. 
Thaumatropes are animated illustrations based on the Victorian optical illusion trompe-l'oeil, two images are placed on either side of the disk creating an illusion of one image when rotated quickly.
And it is such an honour to have these animations featured at Harrods.
I also had the honour to design a portrait of the petite fashionista Miroslava Duma,
the brands new ambassador, who has launched the 'Fabergé Cinescope', an interactive social media
led experience that celebrates the world of Fabergé.
Additionally the illustrations are being used as an intro animation for a digital experience where
visitors are able to try on Fabergé jewellery through a digital mirror and create an animated portrait of
themselves that they can then share across social media.
Finally, a big thank you to the founder of Vogue Russia that has recommended me as the illustrator for this exciting project,and also my lovely agent at Folio for supporting me all the way.
Illustrations: color pencils, graphite and wax.
Video : The Jewellery Editor, featuring Miroslava Duma and Susie Bubble
Video courtesy of Fabergé
Video courtesy of The Jewllery Editor
Portrait of Miroslava Duma
Close-up: Firebird & Romanov necklace
Photos courtesy of Susie Bubble
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